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Staff Appreciation Week

Staff Appreciation Week is coming up soon.  In order to make sure that not just our teachers are showered with love on these days, but all the OCE staff, we have arranged for every class to “adopt” a Class Buddy: another teacher or another staff member who helps support our children’s learning in some other fashion.

If you would like to participate in Staff Appreciation Week, your child would bring in an item for their teacher AND special staff member. We want all the teachers, administrators, specials teachers, office staff, ancillary staff, café and custodians to feel recognized for all they do every day for our children. 

Please see below for dates, themes for Staff Appreciation Week, and a complete listing that pairs classes with their "adopted" staff member. We will also be providing a luncheon for the staff donated by Chick-Fil-A.

  • Dates: February 26 - March 2 (Tracks 1 & 3),  March 5 - 9 (Tracks 2 & 4) 

  • Provided Lunch by Chick-Fil-A:  Friday, March 2

  • Themes: ​

    • Monday: "Give Some Grub" -   Send the OCE staff a special treat. Staff will also be enjoying a yummy treat from the PTA in the morning.

    • Tuesday: "Celebrate Your Captain's Color"  -   Students can wear or bring in a treat for their teacher/staff member that is their favorite color.

    • Wednesday: "Give Some Buried Treasure" -   Give your special OCE staff member something they will treasure like a picture of you, a flower, or a gift card to their favorite place.

    • Thursday: "Ahoy Matey" -   Give the OCE staff a special "shout out" today with a homemade card or drawing. 

    • Friday: "Stay the Course" -   Help the OCE staff finish the year strong with a gift from their classroom wish list.

  • All staff have a list of their favorite things in the front office if you need some ideas! 


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