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Teacher and Staff Experience Raffle Items

Final experiences may be modified to fit the schedules of the winner and sponsoring teacher. All participating children must be OCE students.

Ms. Regina

Lunch from your restaurant of choice with Ms. Regina at the picnic tables.. :)

Ms. Sheehan and Ms. Seder

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! During this time you will enjoy breakfast or lunch from your favorite place and participate in an activity of your choice with the AIG teachers. Like...a game contest, painting, video games, or a special craft!  Three winners will be drawn.

Ms. Ferreira 

Escape room after school for winner and 4 friends!  Clues will be all around campus!

Ms. Sheehan and Ms. Seder

GOING BANANAS WITH BREAKFAST! Students will enjoy a special breakfast and engage in a BANANAGRAMS tournament with the AIG teachers.  Four winners will be drawn.

Ms. Lanier 

Enhanced Library Experience for Winner and 1 friend:  Come explore our library one-on-one with Ms. Lanier! Ms. Lanier will help the winner and one friend select several books for checkout - we'll explore different genres, new books, and popular authors in our quest to find your new "favorite book(s)". If the winner is K-2, Ms. Lanier will also read picture book or chapter with them one-on-one.

Mrs. Chaffee and Ms. Montgomery

Scrapbooking Adventure with Ms. Montgomery and Mrs. Chaffee!  Bring 8 friends to scrapbook with Mrs. Chaffee and Ms. Montgomery. You bring your favorite photos to put into a scrapbook and we provide stickers, pages, books everything you need to get started with this fun hobby. 

Mrs. Burnham 

Design and sew a t-shirt dress with Mrs. Burnham!  Choose your t-shirt and how you want your dress to look. Sew the skirt part onto the t-shirt.

Ms. Outlaw 

Whole Class - Diet Coke and Mentos Fountain Show!  What happens when you combine 50 liters of Diet Coke, 100 Mentos mints, plastic tubing, and a whole class of Olive Chapel students?  You get a super cool, amazing and completely insane fountain show!!  Students will be able to build and set off one of the greatest diet Coke and Mentos fountain shows of all time!!

Ms. Brockway 

Popcorn and Pollock-- An Adventure in Splatter Painting!  Winner and 4 friends will have a popcorn party followed by ponchos and splatter paint fun! 

Ms. May 

One lucky student will be able to be an assistant principal for a morning! That will include going on the morning news and making announcements, giving out doubloons and clipper cash to those SAILing, using a walkie-talkie to communicate with other staff members, and doing a fire drill which includes pulling the fire alarm!  This is a very serious job and can only be done by an assistant principal or principal.  However, one lucky person will get to experience this with Mrs. May! 

Mrs. Trybus and Mrs. Paxton

Whole Class Silly String War!  Winner will have a silly string war with their whole class and Mrs. Trybus and Mrs. Paxton.


Ms. Davis and Ms. Decker

Dandy and Delicious Pizza lunch with Davis and Decker!  The winner and three friends will have a pizza lunch with Ms. Davis and Ms. Decker. 

Ms. Newberger, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Escoto

Cookie Decorating Party! Winner and two friends will decorate cookies with Ms. Newberger, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Escoto! 

Mrs. Hicks 

Stepping Stone Craft with Mrs. Hicks and a friend!  Winner and 1 friend will create a concrete stepping stone to take home or add to the OCE garden. 

Ms. Massey 

Chick Fil A Lunch outside and craft!  Winner and 1 friend will have lunch and a craft Ms. Massey.

Mrs. Cabaleiro and Mrs. Donaldson

Minute To Win It games with 2nd Grade Track 1!  Raffle winner and 3 friends will join the 2nd grade Track 1 teachers in a Minute To Win It competition against the 2nd Grade Track 3 and 4 winning teams.

Ms. O'Hare and Ms. Bechard 

Minute To Win It games with 2nd Grade Track 3!  Raffle winner and 3 friends will join the 2nd grade Track 3 teachers in a Minute To Win It competition against the 2nd Grade Track 1 and 4 winning teams.

Ms. Cowell and Ms. Scala

Minute To Win It games with 2nd Grade Track 4!  Raffle winner and 3 friends will join the 2nd grade Track 4 teachers in a Minute To Win It competition against the 2nd Grade Track 1 and 3 winning teams.

Ms. Coles 

Come join Ms. Coles class for a fun painting experience!   You and a friend get to throw water balloons filled with paint at a canvas to make a masterpiece!  

Mr. Brown 

Did you know that Mr. Brown collects board games? In fact, he owns over 50 games, and he would like to share some of them with YOU (and three lucky friends).  We could go on an excavation in Egypt, travel the world to help cure diseases, or we could even have a dinosaur tea party.  The options are endless! If you win this raffle item, you can help Mr. Brown pick out a game to play with the group.

Ms. Miller and Mrs. Burleson

Games and Goodies with Mrs. Burleson and Ms. Miller! The winner and 3 friends will get to have some goodies and play games with Ms. Miller and Ms. Burleson.

Ms. Young

Face Painting with Ms. Young.  The winner and 3 friends will get their faces painted by Ms. Young.

Mrs. Szasz

Tie Dye shirts with Mrs. Szasz and two friends of your choice!

Mrs. Fretz

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream! Build your own ice cream sundae with Mrs. Fretz and two friends of your choice. 

Mrs. Dunn

Tie dye T-shirt’s with a friend and Mrs. Dunn!

Mrs. Roberts

Be Assistant Coach for Mrs. Roberts during 1 PE lesson!

Ms. Kipp

Whole Class Art Party with Ms. Kipp!  Rotate through a variety of art stations.

Mrs. Bossman, Mrs. Austin, and Mrs. Beech

Beach Party Picnic and Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Bossman, Mrs. Austin, and Mrs. Beech!  Enjoy a picnic lunch at the picnic tables. Then we'll do some "beach" themed arts and crafts.  

Dr. Steidinger

Lunch with Dr. Steidinger!  The winner will have lunch from Glory Days with Dr. Steidinger (at school).

Mrs. Diaz and Ms. Duke

Come and join Mrs. Diaz and Ms. Duke for a slime making and pizza party! The winner gets to choose three firends. Your slime will include a special, hidden item!  

Eat Lunch with a friend in a different class.  Winner may choose 1 friend from another class, who has lunch at the same time, to eat with.  Four winners will be chosen.

Popsicles from the PTA.  Winner's class will receive popsicles during recess.

PJ Day.  Winner's class will have a wear your pajamas to school day.

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